About CBP

CBP Mission

To Maximize value and enhance the competitive position for CBP customers.


A professional marketing group striving to uphold the highest integrity while providing customers with complete solutions, innovative ideas, and precise intel.

CBP Benefits/Value:

  • Market Intel/Info Power: Consolidate and deliver accurate market intel/info that allows CBP to provide a better understanding of the market. Managers can provide more market intel/info flow back to customers.
  • Selling Power/Group Marketing: CBP will manage large group of a region’s cash market and effectively negotiate the terms of the trade.
  • Enhance Buying Competition: Introduce competition in multiple cattle marketing methods.
  • Risk Management Solution: Manage basis and price through CBP's risk management program.
  • Cattle Marketing Functions: Allows managers to focus more on customers and operations.
  • Customer Centric/Focus: CBP recognizes that feedyards and their customers have different needs based on business objectives, business models and customer involvement.

CBP Facts

  • Consolidated Beef Producers, Inc. (CBP) is a non-profit agricultural marketing association incorporated in April 2000. It is a one-member, one-vote organization.

  • CBP is an organization that will develops marketing programs for fed cattle that utilize negotiated, value-based pricing.

  • The goal is to obtain optimum value for members’ cattle while helping cattle feeders consolidate to remain independent.

  • All weights and types of cattle will be eligible. The goal is to present the right cattle at the right time to the right packer to optimize value for each type of cattle.

  • Cattle feeders considering CBP membership need to ask themselves three questions: (1) Are you satisfied with how your cattle are being marketed? (2) Do you believe the way you are marketing cattle will change in the near future? (3) Do you want to participate in the change?

  • A general manager (hired by the board of directors) and a management team (hired by the general manager) will negotiate prices with packers and sell the cattle.

  • A board of directors governs CBP.

  • Cattle producers interested in joining CBP can contact CBP at (806) 655-8955 for more information.
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